Investment Culture

We have built a firm that brings together individuals with a unique combination of intelligence, creativity, experience, and discipline. We believe that these qualities, combined with a well-defined investment approach, are key to fulfilling our clients' investment needs.

Retaining Talent Sharpens Our Edge

Equally important to recruiting talented people is the ability to retain them. Team continuity has been essential in the cultivation of our investment culture: an effective culture is not something that can be formed overnight. Our investment professionals average over 23 years' experience and 15 years with the firm, demonstrating our ability to preserve continuity. Our team has an established, collaborative working style that translates into unique market insights and hones the instincts required to navigate changing markets.

We Have a Stake in Our Clients' Success

There's a benefit to working with seasoned, skilled professionals who are also owners of the firm — our interests are aligned with our clients' interests. This translates into a working style that emphasizes transparency, access to our investment team, and communication that is timely and meaningful. Each of our clients has a vision for what they want to achieve. We work with them in true partnership to uncover the best path to get there.