Value Opportunities

Strategy & Objective

Strategy Description
With a track record of more than 17 years, the Value Opportunities strategy invests in undervalued securities. It is a nimble, often concentrated strategy that leverages our ability to react quickly when we see securities that appear mispriced. The majority of the portfolio is invested in equities across the market capitalization spectrum. Our focus is on stocks of companies with sustainable cash flows and strong balance sheets that are undervalued relative to their tangible assets and long-term normal earnings power.

The balance of the portfolio embraces opportunities that may — but not always — pertain to equity securities. On an opportunistic basis, the strategy invests in debt, convertible, preferred, options, and other (derivative) securities that present a unique value opportunity.

What to Expect

  • Exposure to undervalued equities across all market capitalizations
  • Price-to-normal earnings lower than the benchmark
  • Active management unconstrained by the benchmark
  • Thoroughly researched ideas vetted by an experienced team of 22 investment analysts

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As of 12/31/2019

Asset Class Opportunistic Multi-Cap
Benchmark Russell 3000 Value
Strategy Assets (millions) $819
Number of Holdings 40 – 75
Typical Market Cap Range Micro to Mega
Status Open to new investors

Investment Team
We employ a team approach to investing. As such, our clients benefit from the input and contribution of every member of our 22-person investment team. In addition to our Portfolio Managers, our sector teams play an important role in determining the positioning of your investment strategy.